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Gilbarco AFS together with Calulo Investments is proud to introduce you to our Corporate Social Investments for 2012.

People helping people, It just feels right !

A self-financed feeding scheme with no grants received from Government.
A charity organization based in Boksburg North and feeding 150 Families on a daily basis of which approximately 70 of these recipients are children of all ages. These families are living in the nearby squatter camp / caravan park or just homeless.

People helping People strive to supply these adults and children with a sandwich and a hot meal each day but this is quickly becoming a challenge due to the lack of funds available. From what we have seen, it is clear that this organization is in dire need of food or the cash to purchase food.

boks collage blocks

As explained to us by the founder Hugh, they also try and hand out weekly food packs to each Family and this contains the bare minimum. The packs are quickly decreasing in size as the number of homeless people relying on the Organization for food is increasing.

Drug abuse and Prostitution in the area also deteriorates the situation even further as most of the children fed by People helping People, are directly affected by this behavior.

Zandi's Angel Home, a recipient of the People helping people feeding scheme, writes to say thank you for Gilbarco AFS's contributions.



St Christopher Home: A registered NGO with no grants received from Government

St Christopher Home: A registered NGO with no grants received from Government. This home, based in Observatory, currently looks after 28 children all of whom live in the 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house. Their main monthly expense is the cost of water and electricity to run the home and they are battling on a monthly basis to pay this. Walking through the house, it’s quite evident that cupboards in each room are needed, as most are broken or missing. In one bedroom, in particular, a wall would need to be broken down, rebuilt and a new window would need to be fitted. Every window is built up with burglar bars and looks a little too much like a prison.

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Additional bunk beds are also required for some of the kids, as those currently in use are in a poor condition. All those children in the house are sent to school, the smaller younger ones stay at home with the house maid. The founder requests cupboards and bunk beds to assist the Children in the home and if possible, assistance on a monthly basis to pay the above mentioned bills.



A Gilbarco AFS initiative, Zip Zap School of Circus: aims to improve the lives of children living with HIV and receiving ARV treatment by showing them, through the medium of the Circus Arts, that the obstacles keeping them from living as any other child can be overcome through treatment and through social intervention.

Zip Zap

Circus is an artistic sport, a physical activity without direct competition. Through the circus arts, the children develop their physical capacities - gross motor skills and fine motor skills, balance, eye/hand coordination, eye/foot coordination, strength, flexibility - but also their emotional beings and their social development. As HIV carriers, our children are often ostracized and excluded. They are often orphans and physically weaker than others. With the circus arts they can have fun and play like normal children. They even get to perform on stage and after being daily victims they become heroes. These boost their self-esteem and self-confidence which in turn open doors for their own future. They start making plans to grow, to travel to become famous – like any other kid.

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