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The Service Desk provides the central point of contact for customers and field technicians, providing an efficient link, which maximizes the resources of AFS when delivering a service to our clients.

The centralized AFS Service Desk receives and logs all support and maintenance calls into our Heat Service and Support Call Logging System through which we are able to provide real time information and reports allowing for call monitoring, service level evaluation, critical customer tracking and performance analysis. The Service desk will route support and maintenance calls to our Technical Services division where the correct technician, or specialized third party contractor, is assigned to attend to the call. The Service Desk will schedule and co-ordinate the technical staff or appointed sub-contract to ensure that our equipment on the vehicles and any of the site equipment is installed or repaired as required.

Based in Johannesburg, the Service Desk co-ordinates our resources on a national basis and we have technicians and/or third party contractors available to service our clients across the country. The AFS Group continually strives to better our service environment by revisiting our current processes on a regular basis, in order to ensure a speedy response to our customers. We have also built our service based on our customers’ needs and according to their SLAs. We have staff members that communicate with our customers to ensure that the easiest and most convenient routes are used for maintenance, so that the day-to-day business of our customers continues without any interruptions.

We are a team that enjoys what we do and do it to the best of our ability. If you would like to contact the Service Desk, please click here.

Technical Services

The provision of technology is just the beginning of the process. It is essential to follow this up with the provision of services, to ensure a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with our clients.

The Technical Services division is ensures that the products and solutions we sell are properly and professionally installed and maintained. To this end, there are product specialists in all the different product arenas who conduct the necessary research and development to make sure that AFS are constantly at the forefront of technological advancements in the arenas in which we operate. Our field technicians undergo consistent training, with a formal certification process, to make sure that they are equipped with the knowledge, experience and ability to install and maintain the equipment in the field.

To find out more about our Technical Services, contact us today.