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Gilbarco AFS recognized the need to apply our expertise in the arena of fuel management, and to assume responsibility for the entire wet stock cycle for users who consume significant volumes of fuel in the course of their operations

Inventory Management provides end-to-end control of fuel, where we estimate sufficient volumes to cater for usage, and ordered deliveries are received and verified by trained personnel on site. We monitor wetstock reconciliation and track the usage on a daily basis. By installing our own personnel on site and equipping the site with our world-leading tank gauging and electronic metering technology solutions, we are able to confidently assume responsibility for the entire end to end process.

We are then able to account for every drop of fuel that leaves the tank farm (including fuel taken on and dispensed by mobile bowsers) through the use of our vehicle recognition technology.

The monitoring of the tanks’ contents, allows us to place orders to replenish the product at the optimal time and record and verify the delivery when it is made. This verification is made by comparing the metered delivery and temperature compensated delivery recorded by the tank gauge, with the delivery tanker’s meter reading, ensuring that the ordered quantity is in fact delivered in full.

The storage tanks are constantly monitored for, not only current inventory volumes, but also the presence of water, whereby personnel would effectively ‘raise the flag’ given problematic conditions, and stop the dispensing process. An additional benefit of the technology and solutions implemented is that the tanks are constantly evaluated for leak detection. Overfill conditions during deliveries are prevented by the procedures followed by personnel receiving the deliveries, and the technology’s ability to alarm when there are possible overfills.

A full reconciliation of the site is done through data collected from all the gauges, registers and controllers, and comprehensive and accurate report generated. This service is of particular importance when consignment stock is provided. Operational reports include a full wetstock reconciliation and delivery reconciliation analysis, plus vehicle consumption and usage reporting. Financial reporting compares delivery volumes to invoices generated on SAP, or other financial systems, as used by various clients.

We currently have several Mining Groups that have noted the benefits of additional control, by making use of this complete and comprehensive service in the consignment stock arena.

The benefits of an end-to-end Inventory Management control system, ensures that sufficient fuel is ordered to cater for operations on site, deliveries are received, monitored, and verified. Tanks conditions are monitored to ensure that environmental protection is in place to prevent catastrophic leak scenarios. Reporting in terms of wetstock and delivery reconciliations are done regularly to ensure that financial transactions can be verified.

Usage is monitored to ensure that every drop of fuel is optimized through control and efficiency programs put in place in conjunction with our clients.

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