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Business Intelligence

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Gilbarco AFS identified the need for improved reporting on the use of equipment installed, in order to provide an improved ‘pro-active’ maintenance service, along with providing accurate and meaningful reports for the customer.

This was the start of the Business Intelligence Department and through a process of investigation into our clients’ specific needs, as well as the continual enhancements that were undertaken, Gilbarco AFS has developed a system that is unmatched in the market place today.

Gilbarco AFS Business Intelligence allows for immediate and accurate escalations of site and vehicle related information, whilst ensuring integrity of data and accurate reporting

Gilbarco AFS Business Intelligence consolidates and analyses all refueling data in order to generate comprehensive reports to allow for better control of fuel usage and enabling:

  • Consumptions and Usage are analyzed and checked
  • Deliveries are scheduled and monitored
  • Optimal levels maintained
  • Tank leakage assessed and
  • Theft Loss is managed.

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