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Automated Tank Gauging and Environmental monitoring

Gilbarco AFS has been involved in providing forecourt solutions for many years and this is a growing area of focus within the group. Gilbarco AFS is privileged to be the exclusive distributor in South Africa for Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the world’s largest supplier of Petroleum Forecourt and Dispensing Equipment.

Gilbarco AFS has installed the Veeder-Root tank gauging solution at over 2,300 retail and 200 commercial home base sites, which involves installing an electronic probe into the storage tank enabling effective wet-stock control, leak detection, water contamination and environmental monitoring.

Although the Gilbarco range of pumps and dispensers is a relatively new product range for Gilbarco AFS, we have supplied well in excess of 500 Gilbarco Pumps and Dispensers to both retail and commercial home base sites.

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Automated Tank Gauging

Gilbarco AFS have been involved in providing forecourt solutions for many years and are privileged to be the exclusive distributor in South Africa for Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the world’s largest supplier of Petroleum Forecourt equipment. Supplying industry leading wet stock management systems that enhances control and helps improve your bottom line.


Changing the way you manage your fuel spend

Tank Gauging is more than just automated inventory management, it’s about having more control over your fuelling operation, collecting accurate information from your sites with less effort and allowing you to make better decision about your assets.

In this increasingly competitive age, it is becoming incrementally more important to do more with fewer resources. Tank gauge automation is instrumental in meeting these challenges. Accurate information at your disposal will allow you to plan more effectively with less effort to gain better results.

Damaging leaks and losses

Environmental sensitivity is a growing trend globally, increasing the awareness of both the public and regulators about the potential dangers of inadequate fuel management. Under ever tighter regulations, better controls need to be implemented to guard against leaks, spills and overfill situations.

The GVR tank gauges have all been independently tested and certified to exceed these rigorous leak detection standards. Tighter requirements require better controls and tank gauging will provide that control. Our most advance systems can automatically reconcile your fuel and identify areas where you may be suffering losses through delivery or temperature variances, revealing what the actual on-site loss really is.

The TLS product

The TLS product family encompasses a full range of hardware solutions for fuel monitoring at retail, commercial, mining and industrial fuelling facilities. The TLS line ranges from simple, tank inventory display units to state of the art modular systems, which automatically determine tank and line tightness and can also be linked to a host of other environmental sensors, external alarms and provide automatic dispenser shutdown. We realize that the data generated by the tank gauge is only of value if it is used to manage your business and therefore we also offer a range of communication options and remote fuel monitoring and management solutions.

Our Team

We have a dedicated Project team that co-ordinate all installations, with a wealth of knowledge and experience we aim to offer you exceptional service, with minimal disruption to your operation and a smooth integration. To date we have installed over 2,000 tank gauging units in South Africa that is monitoring approximately 9,000 individual fuel storage tanks.

TLS Features

  • Real time ability to manage fuel inventory levels
  • Provides temperature compensation and accurate fuel temperature readings
  • In-tank water detection feature
  • Automatic tank level alarms
  • Fuel delivery verification
  • Static Leak detection function

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