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Gilbarco AFS is a pioneer in the field of managing fuel usage within the mining environment. Since the first implementation in 1995, we have gained significant experience in tailoring our delivery to meet customer specific needs and today offer world leading fuel management solutions.

Due to the significant volumes of fuel and lubricants consumed, close monitoring and tight controls are crucial for the successful operation of a mine. With ever-increasing pressure on management to manage input costs, mine managers must establish effective control and measurement of fuel costs, particularly in open-cast operations, where fuel costs can account for up to 30% of the overall daily operating costs.

It is essential that all product stored and dispensed is properly authorized and all pertinent transactions, departmental and shift information is automatically recorded, whether from mobile bowsers, filling bays or lubricant bays.

The opportunities presented in this market segment are often very highly technical and have a long inception to installation cycle. They, therefore, require the attention of an experienced and dedicated team.

The two most important lessons that we have learnt are:

  • Managing fuel usage in the mining environment requires real partnership;
  • Robust equipment must be supported by a dedicated team of professionals that ensure daily delivery of an effective service.

In larger operations it is essential to combine the technical solutions with onsite support and Gilbarco AFS Business Intelligence reporting services.

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