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Gilbarco AFS offers a broad range of solutions that ensure effective management of all on-site fuel storage, dispensing and recording, with a combination of systems and solutions tried and tested in over 50 countries.

ORPAK Family of technologies for vehicle identification

We have many diverse applications installed and we cater for the unique requirements experienced in a wide range of commercial applications, including commercial road transport, bus operations, airports, maritime port operations, agriculture, rail transport and many more.

Through the correct application of the different technologies we have available, we are able to provide clients with their own refueling facilities and peace of mind that every drop is accounted for.
We are also well versed in providing solutions where the requirement is not purely home based or on-road, but where a combination is required with the associated merging of data to provide the end user with complete and accurate fuel management reports.

The Gilbarco AFS together with Calulo Investments is proud to introduce you to our Corporate Social Investments for 2012.

Download Gilbarco AFS's Commercial Fuelling Brochure from here.