Gilbarco AFS | Building Better Business

We strongly believe in living our values, at the centre of which is respect for ourselves and all those with whom we come into contact. Our values, which are applied across our network of companies, define our sense of shared identity – who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We are committed to and excited about, what we do, who we work with and what we have to offer.

Our decisions and our actions are guided by environmental, health, safety and security considerations for ourselves, our colleagues, our partners, our customers and our planet.

We take pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We respect each other and know that we can only achieve our goals by working together and supporting each other.

We are always honest and ethical and take responsibility for our actions. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

We persistently strive to find better ways of doing things.

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