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Business Overview

Global Partners and Representation

AFS is the sole representative in Southern Africa for automated refueling technology manufactured by Orpak, a London Stock Exchange listed company with systems installed in over fifty thousand stations and one million vehicles worldwide. In South Africa, AFS is the technology provider to the eFuel consortium of oil companies for its on-road/retails solutions.

In addition AFS is a preferred technology and fuel automation solutions provider for Engen, Shell, Sasol and Chevron in South Africa for commercial home base and mining operations.

ORPAK Family of technologies for vehicle identification

Local distributor for GILBARCO Veeder-Root (GVR)

AFS is also the local distributor of the Gilbarco Veeder-Root (GVR) range of technologies. GVR (site automation solution,) is the world leading supplier of products to the global petroleum industry including Veeder-Root tank gauging equipment (ATG), various EMV compliant payment solutions, site and pump controllers, pumps and dispensers, environmental monitoring equipment and associated fuel management support services. The Veeder-Root system is the world’s market leading ATG technology, with over 550,000 tanks installed worldwide and a market share in excess of 80% in the USA and UK and 65% in Europe alone.

Geographical Representation

AFS employs over 200 staff members with its head office located in Johannesburg and offices in Cape Town, Middleburg, Durban, East London and Windhoek. The company also employs permanent staff deployed at dedicated mining, commercial and retail operations as onsite technicians and facility management staff. These staff members are based in Middelburg; Mpumalanga, Port Elizabeth, East London, Queenstown and Umtata in the Eastern Cape; Bloemfontein in the Free State; Polokwane in Limpopo and Windhoek, Swakopmund in Namibia.

Accredited Sub-Contractors

Through our expanding footprint of contracted (and AFS certified) Sub-Contractors, we have further representation and technical support in George, Mosselbay, Oudtshoorn and Knysna in the Western Cape; Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and East London in the Eastern Cape; Richards Bay and Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal; Bloemfontein in the Free State; Kimberley in the Northern Cape, Polokwane in Limpopo, and Nelspruit in Mpumalanga.

Fuel Management Solutions (FMS)

AFS constantly focuses on innovation and has established itself as of the market leaders of supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of FMS solutions in Southern Africa across all industries, including the construction, transport, fleet management, mining and resources sectors.

Retail Solutions

AFS has been involved in providing forecourt solutions for many years and this is a growing area of focus within the group. AFS is privileged to be the exclusive distributor in South Africa for Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the world’s largest supplier of Petroleum Forecourt tank gauging, environmental monitoring and Dispensing Equipment.

AFS has in South Africa installed the Veeder-Root tank gauging solution at over 1500 retail stations for 6 Oil companies and 200 commercial home base sites, which involves installing an electronic probe into the storage tank enabling effective wet-stock control, leak detection, water contamination and environmental monitoring. Although the Gilbarco range of pumps and dispensers is a relatively new product range for AFS, we have supplied well in excess of 1000 Gilbarco Pumps and Dispensers to both retail and commercial home base sites. AFS have received awards for the Gilbarco Middle East and Africa region as M.E.A. supplier of the year 2009 and M.E.A. ATG supplier of the year 2010.

Commercial and Mining Solutions

AFS supplies various elements of fuel automation equipment to, and currently maintain this equipment at over 200 commercial sites. These installations range from simple, single hose sites to those on large facilities incorporating a significant number of hoses, tanks, mobile bowsers and sites. The installations cover many different industries such as commercial road transport, mining, government and local authorities, rail transport, airports, agriculture, port operations, logistics etc.

AFS is the Anglo Platinum and Coal standard for fuel management technology and we have also commissioned fuel management systems at the BHP Billiton Coal Mining operations in South Africa.

Inventory Management Solutions (IM)

Through our continued endeavors to assist customers in reducing fuel related costs and improving fuel management systems, a key initiative undertaken with some of the major Oil Companies to reduce related costs for the mining sector is the management of strategic stock through the use of TLS tank gauging equipment, EMR3 electronic meters and the vehicle identification technology. Through the constant monitoring and onsite management of activity in the tanks, AFS acts as a third party in the fuel logistics chain by ordering fuel on behalf of the end users and then facilitating the electronic billing on behalf of the oil company through registered asized meters on each site. This process is a based on a consignment stock model, where the customer is billed on usage rather than the delivery. AFS verifies volume delivered, maintains wet stocks and ensures each site has optimal levels of stock fuel stocks.

Bureau Reporting

During 2001, AFS recognized the need for accurate and timely reporting and are uniquely placed to provide solutions to manage the complete wet stock process on behalf of customers. From the recording of deliveries into home base tanks, the monitoring of activity in the tanks, the pumping and dispensing of the fuel from the tanks, the authorization of vehicles and transactions and detailed recording of the fuel dispensed. AFS extended its service offer to provide solutions where the requirement are not purely home base or on road but where a combination is required with the associate merging of data to provide the end user with complete and accurate fuel management reports.

Technical On-site Maintenance Services and Support

AFS provides a range of maintenance and technical support services to customers on a managed maintenance or maintenance management basis. On-site equipment is registered and logged with the AFS support desk that arranges for regular inspections, the provision of technical support services and related repair and maintenance services at retail and commercial home base sites. In the case of large commercial and mining sites, our on-site technicians perform these functions on a pre-scheduled basis within certain standard operating procedures.

All other maintenance service and support calls are managed through our centralized Service Desk based at our offices in Bruma, Johannesburg. Supported after normal working hours and on weekends by Customer Care Solutions, an outsourced call centre service provider, AFS can effectively provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week technical support service backed by an extensive national footprint of AFS Technicians and AFS certified Sub-Contractors. All maintenance and support calls are logged and managed through the AFS installed Heat® Service and Support Call Logging System, providing an easy-to-use, full featured customer service and support solution which streamlines customer support interaction and processes, and controls service and support issues in order to resolve them quickly and efficiently. Through the Heat® System AFS is able to provide customers with real-time information and status of calls, support data and related costs, allowing for call monitoring, service level evaluation, critical customer tracking and SLA performance analysis.

Risk Management, Site Inspections and Audits

AFS has adopted the Enterprise Wide Approach to risk management and performs regular reviews on its business risks and service offer. Incorporated in our standard operating procedures is the consciously held objective to minimize the business risk for the company and our stakeholders. The detail of our performance is recorded in risk registers which is supported by regular internal and external audit reviews. AFS has developed comprehensive technical, legal, operational and financial and audit programs to assess the business risk associated with the fuel management function and perform regular site inspections and reviews to update the level of assurances.

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