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The leadership team of Gilbarco AFS is committed to HSSEQ at all times and consider it a way of being in everyday work and life. With this focus it has allowed Gilbarco AFS to grow and develop collectively as an organization in terms of HSSEQ.

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Gilbarco AFS has embraced HSSE and incorporated it into its business as a fully fledged business function and it takes the same priority as any other business decision at all times. Therefore, a HSSE Management System has been developed and implemented across all sectors and levels of the business with comprehensive policies and procedures, which meet the requirements of the industry, its customers and the countries statutory requirements. We strive at all times for continuous improvement in all areas of Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) and Quality. All Gilbarco AFS staff members are trained to address and respond to the Gilbarco AFS HSSEQ function. In addition, the company values include the call for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment.

An important part of HSSE risk management is the pre-qualification process, which contractors must follow before they may do work for Gilbarco AFS. This is a rigid process, which includes the provision of a Contractors Pack with all the statutory requirements, policies and procedures and proof of training. Site audits are conducted at their premises and at site where work is being done to ensure the implementation and compliance with HSSE requirements. Failing to comply, our accreditation and approval to perform work on behalf of Gilbarco AFS is withdrawn with immediate effect. Similarly, the Gilbarco AFS is audited regularly for HSSEQ compliance and we are open to the same from any Customer.

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